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Post  xiaofeifei on Fri Sep 23, 2011 11:01 am

Brain games are an intriguing diversion for persons of any age and they come in several forms.runescape money , Memory games, mathematical games, mnemonics, riddles, strategy games, trivia, optical illusions, mind teasers, the list covers a wide variety of brain money , These games are not only interesting and challenging but also providing fresh knowledge that we would have never thought as rift gold , These brain games offer ample exercise and training to the brain to be alert, active, and sharp. Nearly all the games are of interactive type. The health of the brain and cognitive performance capacity are enhanced by such brain games. Most of the brain games last around 10-15 minutes and can be practiced without strain.

Since the huge growth of the Internet, these brain games are available in thousands on an online basis and many websites offer these brain games free of cost. Many of the mind games might look quite simple if you consider their basic design but the actual effect that they have on the brain are so great that they should be practiced by every person aspiring for a sharp brain. To understand and appreciate the power of the brain and the effect of brain games on the brain, we should first understand the basic formation and functioning of the brain.

In fact, there is no such person as actual idiot in the world. The brain of every single human being had been fashioned as one of the most complex and extraordinary creations in the world. It is the initial nurturing, feeding, and offering of developmental resources, factors, and challenges to the brain that makes the difference in intelligence between various human beings. The more the brain is trained, exercised, and used in the early ages, the more it develops. Brain games are a great help in this process.

The brain is capable of making infinite number of synaptic connections. Each connection leads to a thought pattern. However, very few people are able to extend the thought patterns in a logical manner. Most of us pick the first solution or answer that comes to our mind and never proceed beyond that to find out better or more practical solutions or alternative answers. The brain games are designed to change this habit and make your brain search for multiple possibilities. They stimulate the mind by providing it with continuous challenges, forcing the mind to work more.

The neural networks in the brain are strengthened and energized by puzzles solving, games playing, new language learning, and other similar mental activities. When you give more training and exercise to the neurons in the brain, they acquire retention capacity and their life is extended. If you do not feed the neurons in the brain with any information, they remain inactive for some time and then slowly decay and die. Scientists say that we have billions of neurons in our brain and it has the capacity to store infinite number of information details, if we really know and try to use the full capacity of our brain. The brain games help us achieve this effortlessly, irrespective of our age.


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